Monday, December 3, 2012

Artsistic Yarn Bottles- Fun for Kids, too!

This post is somewhat of an extension from my previous post on crafting yarn bottles, but this time I'm explaining it for you to do with your toddlers!  In comparison to my last post, you can see in the photos that the kids truly put their own twist by wrapping the yarn every which way on the bottles.  I was delighted to see how great they turned out.  These bottles were done by my students in my after-school art program, Little Wonders of Wonderland.  It was a small group that day, about 7 kids, and it was a good thing since they needed some individual help getting started with the tacky glue.  

Prep Material

-Have a variety of clean bottles and jars to choose from, such as mayonnaise jars, jelly jars and soda bottles
-Tacky glue or Mod Podge (or Elmer's glue might be a safer or cheaper option if you have a lot of kids to tend to)
-Lids or cups to put the glue in.  For classrooms ages 2-6, you may want to consider having the glue already squirted out on the lids, oh and you will find they will need a generous amount!
-Old paint brushes, large enough to make painting large areas with glue easy. 
-The kids should probably wear old t-shirts to keep clothes free of glue (I use adult sized shirts for my kids) 
-Plastic or paper should definitely be taped to the tables to prevent the table from getting too sticky
-Multi colored yarn.  Have lots of pieces of yarn pre-cut for the kids, about 2 feet long, at least ten or so for each kid. Of course, if you wan to add an extra step you can have them cut their own.
-Optional- small cups of water (tuna cans would be a good size, actually) for wetting fingers as the kids will probably get sticky fingers and will periodically need some relief.

-Have the kids throw old t-shirts on, let them choose their bottles and start painting the glue on the bottles with old brushes.  Depending on your situation such as time or how large the classroom is, you may want to help in the process of painting the bottles with glue, since this can be time consuming for the little ones.  Tacky glue can especially be a little harder to work with since it is so thick.
-Offer piles of pre-cut multi-colored yarn for the kids to choose from.  Show them how they can wrap the bottles from bottom to top (or top to bottom) and let them get creative!  Let them know that they will get sticky as they are handling the bottles and to dip their fingers in the water occasionally.
-You will likely need to wait several hours before the bottles are dry and ready to go home

These bottles look so pretty on display next to warm lights.  They would also make great vases or pencil holders.  Thanks for reading and have fun making art with the kids!  

 To learn more about the Little Wonders of Wonderland, you can check out tour blog or artist website:

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